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Quick Rate Finder can afford to offer the best mortgage rates online, because we work hand in hand with over 300 of the country's most respected financial institutions that provide over 75% of home loans in the United States. We suggest checking rates on subprime and bad credit mortgage options.
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30 yr mortgage rates -Fixed
15 yr mortgage rates -Fixed
30 yr jumbo mortgage rates fixed
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5/1 jumbo ARM
Quick Rate Finder shares the current mortgage rates as lenders update their interest rates when the market conditions fluctuate. We provide opportunities for consumers to connect with lenders whether they have excellent or poor credit. If you have the will to buy a home, then we will help you finance the real estate transaction.
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30 yr mortgage rates -Fixed
15 yr mortgage rates -Fixed
30 yr jumbo mortgage rates fixed
5/1 ARM
5/1 jumbo ARM
If you need to refinance you present mortgage rate into a superior fixed interest rate home loan, then Quick Rate Finder may be the company that gets you that loan you have been searching for online.
Best Home Equity Loan Rates
30 yr fixed 2nd mortgage
15 yr fixed 2nd mortgage
10 yr HELOC Prime + .25



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Quick Rate Finder is the rate authority for consumers in search of home loan rates, mortgage refinance and home equity loans with fixed & adjustable index updates and daily interest rates form the web's leading mortgage lenders and banks. It's no secret that purchase and mortgage refinance rates have fallen to record lows not seen in almost 50 years. With Freddie Mac and the Mortgage Bankers Association in agreement that rates have never been lower, it is safe to say now is the best time to lock into a loan long term.

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Mortgage Refinance Rates Get money out of your home or simply get a mortgage rate and term to lower your payments. If you have an adjustable rate, it’s time to fix the rate. Quick Rate Finder guarantees the lowest rates online.

Don’t get down if lenders have recently turned you down, because of bad credit scores. We offer lenient credit loans to help people refinance or a buy a home. Get Sub-Prime Mortgage Rates that can be realistic for you to get approved to finance.

Home Purchase Loan Rates - Get approved to a buy a home or finance a 2nd home. We offer 100% financing with no cash required for deposit. Get the lowest rates online and choose from fixed or adjustable interest rates.
Home Equity Loan Interest Rates - Find out the interest rates available for home equity loans online. Get quick rate quotes for fixed and variable rates. Fixed interest equity loan terms offer a set number of payments. Get the prime rates for life with Find out the borrowing terms to tap your home equity. Finance liquid funds for home improvements, investing or paying off bills.
Payment Choice Mortgage - Get the 4 payment options with home loans for purchasing or refinancing. Choose from fixed rate 15 or 30 year, interest only or the 1.25% negative amortization option. Get rewarded for being a savvy borrower with more flexibility for homebuyers looking for more purchase power.
Interest Only Loan Rates - Reduce your mortgage payments and just pay interest each month. Get the rates for fixed or adjustable interest only payments.
Second Mortgage Rates - take out a 2nd lien for home improvements without revamping your first mortgage. Get the lowest rates for second mortgages online and choose from fixed or adjustable interest rates.
Conventional Home Loan Rates - Get the lowest interest rate available for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming programs. Check out what the 30-year fixed rates are today across the country.

Home Mortgage Rate News
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Thirty Year Mortgage Rates Guarantee the Best Home Loan Rates
The Obama administration and the Federal Reserve renewed Bush’s commitment to ensure the lowest mortgage rates available for promoting affordability in this housing sector with the best mortgage rates in decades.

Of course these are reports that Wall Street and the Federal Reserve monitor inflation, foreclosures and the housing markets. Hopefully the housing crises will stop so that homeowners can enjoy the fruits of increased home equity and wealth. Reduce your interest rates by refinancing your mortgage and home equity loans.

Mortgage Survey Says Economists Don't Want Interest Rates Increased
A majority of economists in a poll don't want Federal Reserve policymakers to hike interest rates when they meet again. According to a recent poll from USA Today, 61% of economists said the Fed should keep home loan interest rates where they are.

Even if the Fed was to reduce short-term interest rates, the effect on housing markets would likely be muted, as rates are already pretty low, and liberal and loose underwriting criteria were more important to housing than rates in the past few years.

Lower interest rates would be nice for people looking to refinance out of ARMs before the payments begin to escalate.

Rate Disclosures: Mortgage Rates as low as 2.75% (2.85% APR) - Disclosure current as of April 27, 2013. The advertised 2.75% loan is a fixed 10-year loan with principal and interest term from specific offers from advertising mortgage lenders.

Payment Sample: 150K Loan Amount with a Monthly Payment of $1,431.17. With a 10 year mortgage there are 120 equal payments. There is no penalty for early pay-off.


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