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Compare current home equity loan rates for fixed, adjustable and interest only home mortgage and equity loans. Get more tips and advice with updated news and financing articles. If you struggle to qualify because of late payments in the past, request info about bad credit home equity loans. is a dynamic online marketplace for homebuyers and homeowners seeking low interest rate loans. Our free service helps you rate shop and initiate pre-approvals for purchasing homes and refinancing for cash out and debt consolidation. can help you understand where the market is going. We will help you analyze the trends, so you can finance your future.

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Find out the interest rates available for home equity loans online. Get quick rate quotes for fixed and variable rates. Fixed interest equity loan terms offer a set number of payments.

Get the prime rates for life with Find out the borrowing terms to tap your home equity. Finance liquid funds for home improvements, investing or paying off bills.

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Home Mortgage Rate News

1st Refinance Activity Slips, But Home Equity Loans Volume is Stronger Than Anticipated

There are many incentives to cashing out your home's equity. It is "partially driven by the rapid rise in short-term interest rates like the prime rate. Many borrowers have seen their rates on home equity lines of credit - which are tied to the prime rate - rise. Now they are consolidating those adjustable rate home equity lines of credit (HELOC) into a new first lien mortgage to reduce their mortgage payments," said Cutts. "This quarter we saw $81.0 billion cashed out, up from a revised $74.1 billion cashed out in the first quarter of 2006. Cash out activity should remain strong throughout the rest of the year as interest rates are expected to continue to gently climb.

"Because rates on home equity lines of credit have risen to 8.25 % or higher, borrowers who are looking for an inexpensive way to finance home improvements or business investments, or to consolidate high cost debt, are turning to cash-out refinance. These borrowers are often willing to refinance into higher rates on their first lien mortgages. As previously noted, we saw the median ratio of new mortgage rates to rates on the loan being refinanced rise by seven %. This is second consecutive quarter in which the median refinance borrower increased the rate on their first lien mortgage. For the 20 quarters prior to 2006, the median refinance borrower was reducing his or her first lien mortgage rates."

The Cash-Out Refinance Report also revealed that properties refinanced during the second quarter of 2006 experienced a median house-price appreciation of 33 % during the time since the original loan was made, up from 31 % in the first quarter 2006. For loans refinanced in the second quarter of 2006, the median age of the original loan was 3.2 years, about two months older than the median age of loans refinanced during the first quarter of 2006.

These estimates come from a sample of properties on which Freddie Mac has funded at least two successive loans. Transactions are further screened to verify that the latest loan is for refinance rather than for home purchase. The Freddie Mac analysis does not track the use of funds made available from these refinances.

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