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30 yr fixed mtg 6.15%
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30 yr fixed jumbo mtg 6.35%
5/1 ARM 5.83%
5/1 jumbo ARM 5.96%



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Search non-conforming mortgage rates by state. Compare current interest rates for borrowers who have sub-prime credit. If you have poor credit scores, but want to qualify for home purchase, and mortgage refinance loans then understanding what the rates are and how much you can afford, is a great start.

Compare current purchase mortgage rates for fixed, adjustable and interest only home mortgage and equity loans. Get more tips and advice with updated news and financing articles. is a dynamic online marketplace for homebuyers and homeowners seeking low interest rate loans. Our free service helps you rate shop and initiate pre-approvals for purchasing homes and refinancing for cash out and debt consolidation. can help you understand where the market is going. We will help you analyze the trends, so you can finance your future.

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Interest Only Loan Rates – Reduce your mortgage payments and just pay interest each month. Get the rates for fixed or adjustable interest only payments.

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Renting Costs More Than Owning

Renting can cost more than seven times more than owning per year, according to a newly revised consumer education brochure from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

The brochure poses the question "Why rent when you can buy?" and challenges certain assumptions about renting versus buying. Its goal: To serve as another tool to help you work with customers to evaluate whether home ownership is the best move for them. "Housing is a good investment, and owning a home makes sense for a lot of current renters, but many would-be home owners are reluctant to take those first steps," says 2006 NAR President Thomas M. Stevens, senior vice president of NRT Inc., from Vienna, Va. "Given their experience with home buyer concerns and insight into local markets, REALTORS® can counsel consumers about their options and provide the information and support people need to begin their journey toward home ownership."

The Federal Reserve Board estimates that home owners have a net worth nearly 36 times more than that of renters.

Over the past 10 years, the cost of rental housing in the United States has increased an average of 3 percent per year; average rents are projected to rise 4.1 percent this year alone. With a 3 percent annual increase, a current rental payment of $1,000 per month would increase every year and amount to $137,567 after 10 years, with no wealth accumulation.

By contrast, a $210,000 home purchased today with a down payment of $10,000 and a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 6.5 percent would cost a steady $1,100 per month and yield a net worth of $138,521 after 10 years, assuming an historic 4.5 percent annual appreciation rate.

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