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Mixed Reactions about Real Estate Stocks & Mortgage Rates

The hypothetical Inman Index lost 5.4% of its value during the month, once again a poorer performance than that of the broader market indices. The Dow Jones Industrials & Standard & Poor's 500 eked out meager gains of .3% & .5%, respectively, while the Nasdaq Composite lost .4% in July. Nine of the 10 publicly traded companies in the Inman Index posted modest or major stock-market declines while only one company, Freddie Mac, posted a stock-price gain. & even Freddie Mac, which added 1.5% to its share price in July, has lost $8.33 per share, or more than 12% of its value, so far this year.

Elsewhere in the mortgage sector, shares of IndyMac, Countrywide & Washington Mutual were up 7.9%, 4.3% & .6%, respectively, so far this year, yet all three companies gave back some of their gains in July. IndyMac lost 8.2%; Countrywide lost 5.7%, & Washington Mutual lost 2.7%, all despite seemingly favorable news.

IndyMac reported a 41% increase in its mortgage business & a 28% increase in its second-quarter net income, which rose from nearly $82 million, or $1.24 per share, in the 2005 period to more than $104 million, or $1.49 per share, in the recent period. The quarterly common stock dividend was boosted from 46 cents to 48 cents.

Countrywide posted a 27% increase in net income from $566 million, or 92 cents per share, in the 2005 second quarter to $722 million, or $1.15 per share, in the 2006 second quarter.

Washington Mutual announced the sale of its asset management unit in a $740 million-cash transaction that is expected to close in the fourth quarter & generate a pretax gain of at least $650 million. Analysts at DA Davidson held their "neutral" rating on the company & raised their target price from $45 to $47 while an analyst at Punk Ziegel & Co. held a "market perform" rating & raised his target price from $46 to $51, according to

The hardest-hit companies in July's Inman Index were HouseValues & ZipRealty, which watched their shares suffer one-month declines of more than 20%. HouseValues reported a substantial drop in net income from $3.7 million, or 14 cents per share, in the 2005 second quarter to $1.9 million, or 7 cents per share, in the 2006 second quarter. Revenue increased from $20 million in the 2005 second quarter to more than $25 million in the 2006 second quarter.

The company also announced the departure of its chief financial officer & a plan to purchase as many as 2 million of its own shares, which have lost $7.70, or nearly 60% of their value, this year. The stock buy-back plan reflects HouseValues' board of directors' "confidence in the company's long-term strategic direction," according to a company statement.

Wall Street also turned its thumbs down toward Cendant Corp., which has muddled through a complicated spin-off of its real estate & hospitality operations. Shares dropped 8.2% in July. Shares of both Cendant & Interactive Corp. are off more than 16% this year.

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