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Search second mortgage rates by state. Compare current interest rates for borrowers who want to use their equity to pay off loans, and credit card debt. If you have bad credit scores, but want to qualify for refinancing, and 2nd mortgage loans then understanding what the rates are and how much you can afford, is a great start. How much credit card debt do you have?

Stop watching your home equity line of credit payment go up every other month, and refinance with a fixed rate second mortgage loan. Get fixed rate and fixed terms for the life of the loan.

Compare current debt consolidation loan rates for fixed, adjustable and interest only home mortgage and equity loans. Get more tips and advice with updated news and financing articles. is a dynamic online marketplace for homebuyers and homeowners seeking low interest rate loans. Our free service helps you rate shop and initiate pre-approvals for purchasing homes and refinancing for cash out and debt consolidation. can help you understand where the market is going. We will help you analyze the trends, so you can finance your future.

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Don’t get down if lenders have recently turned you down, because of bad credit scores. We offer lenient credit loans to help people refinance or a buy a home. Get Sub-Prime Mortgage Rates that can be realistic for you to get approved to finance.
1% Payment Choice Mortgage– Get the 4 payment options with home loans for purchasing or refinancing. Choose from fixed rate 15 or 30 year, interest only or the 1.25% negative amortization option. Get rewarded for being a savvy borrower with more flexibility for homebuyers looking for more purchase power.
Pay off revolving credit accounts with low interest Debt Consolidation Rates that save you money and provide more tax deductions!
Second Mortgage Rates - take out a 2nd lien for home improvements without revamping your first mortgage. Get the lowest rates online and choose from fixed or adjustable interest rates.
Mortgage Refinance Rates Get money out of your home or simply get a rate and term to lower your payments. If you have an adjustable rate, it’s time to fix the rate. Get the lowest rates online.
Interest Only Loan Rates – Reduce your mortgage payments and just pay interest each month. Get the rates for fixed or adjustable interest only payments.

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Home Equity Line of Credit Costs Have Soared

During the past few years, millions of Americans fell in love with home equity lines of credit. These "helocs" are easy & inexpensive to obtain & they carried very low interest rates - until recently.

But what was a deal 2 years ago can be a burden today. Consider: The monthly interest payment on a loan of, say, $40,000, has almost doubled in the last 2 years.

Helocs are credit lines that can be drawn from & typically act as interest-only loans with terms of 10 to 25 years. Once the draw period closes after which the principal must be repaid. Interest rates are tied to the prime rate, which has soared since June 2004, to 8.25% A few years ago Prime had dropped to record low interest at 4%. .

The ease of obtaining a Heloc makes them very tempting. "It means mostly just walking down to the bank & asking for one," says Keith Gumbinger, vice president of vice president at HSH Associates, a publisher of consumer loan information.

The interest on Helocs is deductible & they can be used to retire more expensive debt.

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